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Complexion Perfection Kit

Complexion Perfection Kit

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This kit includes everything you need to brighten your skin!

It’s also a great kit for anyone with oily skin as it will help control the sebum buildup and fight acne.

Can be used day and night.

Included in your kit:

•ReFresh Cleanser

•Derma Roller

•Complexion Serum

•Smooth Moisturizer 

Roller should be used 2-3 times a week, allow 1 day between rolling sessions for your skin to heal.


Step 1: Cleanse skin (double cleanse if wearing make up or sunscreen)

Step 2: Roll your skin (follow directions on box)

Step 3: Apply 4-5 drops of Complexion Serum

Step 4: Apply Smooth Moisturizer 






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