About Gina

Gina is a licensed medical esthetician, she graduated from Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics with an Honor Roll diploma.

She started in the skincare world by creating her own skincare products, which gives her an extensive understanding of ingredients and how to pair treatments with the correct candidate.

Her favorite qualification is that she is a certified acne specialist. With many successful clients, Gina enjoys helping people regain their confidence through skincare.

Gina takes pride in her work and is very detailed, she is committed to providing the best enhancements and rejuvenation procedures. Continuously attending seminars and learning about the latest technology is the key to her success when it comes to providing clients with incredible results. Her continuing education has earned her certificates in laser, microneedling, acne care, peels, oncology skincare, eyebrow tinting and lamination.

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Gina is a medical esthetician who specializes in skin treatments that will transform your skin in ways you could never imagine!